Riley Silverman

Riley Silverman is a comedian and writer.

Guest Appearances

11 Amazing Fans Who Belong In The Pop Culture Hall Of Fame

The Cracked Podcast #259September 30, 2018

Fandom: it feels like it’s gotten hard lately. For example, ‘Ready Player One’ began its life as a bestselling novel by Ernest Cline. In their “A”-graded write-up in 2011, The AV Club said "for readers in line with Cline's obsessions, this is…


Riley Silverman

Comedian Riley Silverman sits down with Cameron to discuss shopping for clothes, Doctor Who, and fights on the internet. This episode is sponsored by TomboyX ( code: QUEERY), Outdoor Voices ( code: QUEERY), and Backblaze (


Star Trek, Groupies and the Queer Femme Market

Homophilia #9October 6, 2017

Comedian and writer Riley Silverman (Intimate Apparel) guests this week to talk about transitioning, newfound groupies and fans, going deeper down the Kinsey scale, and of course, Star Trek and Doctor Who. Plus, Dave talks sex clubs and Matt reveals his love…


Riley Silverman: How I Killed Your Founding Father

Comedian Riley Silverman joins Travon to revisit "Your Obedient Servant" and explain how her journey with gender has reinforced her belief that, at heart, she's more of a Burr than a Hamilton. She also confesses the unorthodox way she watched Hamilton for…


8 Fictional Schools That Would Be Awesome To Go To

The Cracked Podcast #138August 22, 2016

So after seven books, eight movies and a trip to Universal Studios, you think you would prefer to go to Hogwarts than live in real life. Everyone gets assigned a very useful pet owl, you can fly around on broomsticks and you…

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