Robbie Pickering

Robbie Pickering is a director/writer.

Guest Appearances

Blue-eyed Soul

Yo, Is This Racist? #268November 1, 2013

Andrew Ti and this week's special guest Robbie Pickering finish the week off by discussing the genre of music known as Blue-eyed Soul. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Ninja Costume

Yo, Is This Racist? #267October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween race cars! Andrew and Robbie Pickering discuss ninja costumes. Please don’t dress in any racist costumes and don’t forget to keep leaving us messages by calling (323) 389-RACE.


Satirical Sketches

Yo, Is This Racist? #266October 30, 2013

Today Robbie Pickering & Andrew talk about satirical sketches, good comedy coming from a place of love, and how racists can take everything the wrong way. Be sure to keep leaving us messages at (323) 389-RACE.


Native American Costumes

Yo, Is This Racist? #265October 29, 2013

Halloween week continues as Robbie Pickering & Andrew discuss Texas, Ted Cruz, the politics of ressentiment, and straight up racist Halloween costumes. Make sure to leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Pumpkin Regatta

Yo, Is This Racist? #264October 28, 2013

Director Robbie Pickering joins Andrew Ti all this week to count down the days until Halloween and answer some racism questions. Today they discuss people decorating pumpkins with confederate flags for the Pumpkin Regatta. Be sure to call us at (323) 389-RACE…

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