Robert Baker

Robert Baker

Guest Appearances

Timothy Simons, Robyn Clark, Robert Baker

Reading Aloud #62July 1, 2016

Timothy Simons barges in not wasting any time and gets into a live reading of "I'm Comic Sans, Asshole." by Mike Lacher. Then, Robyn Clark treats us to a reading of "I Saw Hamilton So Now I'm Going To Orphan My Son"…


Book Club: Geek Love

Reading Aloud #60June 17, 2016

Book Club regulars Erik Patterson, Robert Baker, and Dana Wickens joins Nate to talk about Katherine Dunn's "Geek Love." It's an emotionally intense book that doesn't pull any punches. Make sure to pick up a copy of next month’s book, "The Girls:…


Loose Women

Black List Table Reads #64February 25, 2016

Put your spurs on and rustle up the latest Black List Table Reads script, Loose Women by Jeffrey Belanger. The Loose Women are an infamous gang of sharpshooters led by Pistol Dick Pete Daly, but when the Women have a falling out…


Book Club 13: The Haunting of Hill House

Reading Aloud #39November 20, 2015

New and old Book Club friends Robert Baker, Amanda Walsh, Dana Wickens, and Melissa Stetten join Nate this week for a special Holiday themed Book Club episode of Reading Aloud! This week they're celebrating Halloween (because it's such a good Holiday) as…


Book Club 11: All the Light We Cannot See

Reading Aloud #32September 18, 2015

Jessica Chaffin, Ryan Cartwright, Robert Baker are first time Book Club members on this week’s Reading Aloud with Nate Corddry! They join Nate in studio to discuss the fantastical Pulitzer Prize winning “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr about…


Jason Mantzoukas, Robert Baker, Crispin Whittell

Reading Aloud #25July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July! This week's all American show kicks of with a re-read of the wonderful "Ok, Maybe Our Apartment IS Too Small For A Bald Eagle", written by Tom O'Donnell and read by Jason Mantzoukas at the UCB Theater. Then,…

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