Rose O'Shea

Rose is a comedian from Seattle, the very famous city from Sleeping In Seattle (famous movie.) She has a degree in film from Mount Holyoke College, along with several slowly-fading facial scars from a dark year spent grifting through the South Dakota badlands. Now based in Los Angeles, she can be found every week at UCB Harold Night on Rococo. In addition, Rose produces and directs Legitimate Goddamn Theatre, a monthly show at UCB Sunset. She is also the most motion-sick member of the UCB Touring Company. Offstage, Rose spends most of her time working as a passionate men’s rights activist.

Guest Appearances

Eric Bolling & Lilith Are All Out Of Faith (w/ Devin Field, Rose O’Shea)

Hard Nation #75September 6, 2017

Fox News personality Eric Bolling (Devin Field) and Fox’s HR representative Lilith (Rose O’Shea) thought they were on Hard Nation to discuss the sexual harassment allegations against Bolling, but that just scratches the surface of Eric’s dick pic addiction and Lilith’s methamphetamine-laden…

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