Sam Kieffer

Sam Kieffer

Audio engineer. Pizza lover.

Guest Appearances

Yacht Kaboom

Who Charted? #360October 25, 2017

Host of Comedy Bang Bang Scott Aukerman returns to help Howard and Kulap count down the latest October charts! Scott pitches new Springsteen hits and Howard recalls horrible habits during Billboard’s Top 5 Streaming Songs. Plus, they count down a dramatic TV…


Gum Chewin' Band

Who Charted? #358October 11, 2017

Actor/comedian Andy Daly returns to Who Charted! Andy tells Howard and Kulap how he cajoled insider info out of Dave Grohl while they count down Billboard’s Top Selling Albums. Later, they ponder a future of Amazon drones during the TV Chart, and…


TS307: Teen Epidural Parental Permissions, Australian Gay Marriage Vote, Guest Sam Kieffer

Throwing Shade #307October 5, 2017

This week, Bryan and Erin discuss the terrible laws on the books allowing for parents to refuse epidurals for their pregnant teenage children as well as the Australian plebiscite on gay marriage and Louisa Wall’s Catholic Church criticism. Then, sound engineer Sam…


Whip It Out

Who Charted? #357October 4, 2017

Network star Mandell Maughan joins Howard and Kulap this week to promote her new show Me, Myself, and I! They count down Billboard’s Top 5 Heatseeker Albums before discussing the crudest Bond techniques during the Movie Chart. Later, Two Charted brings a…


Emotional Dance Conference

Who Charted? #340June 7, 2017

Venerable comedian Paul F. Tompkins rejoins Howard and Kulap this week to talk appropriate beachwear! They count down Billboard 100's Top 5 Songs while pitching Ed Sheeran clogging routines, and Howard explains how to watch Jaws in real-time. Then, they celebrate the era of…


Combat Conditions

Who Charted? #311November 16, 2016

Wrestler, comedian, and podcaster Colt Cabana joins Howard and Kulap on this week's Who Charted! They chat about the influence of indie wrestling before getting into Stereogum's 5 Best Songs of the Week. Howard shows off his action figures as Colt drops…


Our Souls At Night

Reading Aloud #57May 20, 2016

Welcome to another book club! For this round, Nate is joined by Susanna Fogel, Jimmi Simpson, Julie Sharbutt, Ryan Cartwright, and handsome Sam Kieffer, who is definitely not writing this description right now. Join us as we follow Addie and Louis's multiple-chaptered,…


Plath in the Bath

Reading Aloud #54April 15, 2016

Kelly Carlin, Molly Ephraim, Erik Patterson, Glenn Davis and Sam Kieffer join Nate to discuss Slyvia Plath's "The Bell Jar." Listen to the compelling reasons to read Plath's beautiful, hilarious and heart-wrenching story of the surreal fall into mental illness. If you've…


LIVE at UCB Sunset with Kulap Vilaysack and Michael Constantini

Ronna & Beverly #129March 25, 2016

Ronna & Beverly return to the beautiful UCB-Sunset in Los Angeles and this time they are joined by Who Charted's Kulap Vilaysack and Engineer Sam! They'll talk about her new comedy series Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ on Seeso, the status of her Origin…


Book Club 17: A Farewell to Arms

Reading Aloud #51March 18, 2016

Nate welcomes newcomers to The Book Club! Nate's brother Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital), writer Rachel Axler (Veep), and book club vet Sam Kieffer join Nate to discuss the classic Ernest Hemingway novel A Farewell to Arms. It tells the story about a…


Book Club 16: The Great Gatsby (w/ Sam Kieffer)

Reading Aloud #48February 19, 2016

The Book Club is once again upon us. This time Nate welcomes Dr. Peter Becker who has received his Ph.D. from Harvard's American Studies Program (History of American Civilization) and holds degrees from Harvard (M.A., English) and Hamburg University (History, Latin, Education)…


07/24/15 TWO CHARTED 181

Who Charted? #242.5July 24, 2015

Kulap is joined again by guest host Armen Weitzman and engineer Sam!!! Armen explains why Summah is a difficult time for him to feel comfortable, as well as why all of the "Armen haters" should really just learn to love him. Additionally,…


07/10/15 TWO CHARTED 179

Who Charted? #240.5July 10, 2015

This week the gang reviews their July 4th's, during which time Howard introduces a new tradition of sending himself Summah gifts. Additionally, Howard explains why no one should ever play Bocce Ball and why each one of his albums is a subtle…


01/30/15 TWO CHARTED 156

Who Charted? #217.5January 30, 2015

This week, Howard and Kulap pick up where they left off, with weather space or ocean is more interesting, as well as how this topic affected Howard's confidence around women. Then, Howard and Kulap chart new waters by exposing Chartist’s to Lil…


12/26/14 TWO CHARTED 151

Who Charted? #212.5December 25, 2014

Kulap, Howard, and Summah of Sam celebrate the holidays by spending an hour together, listening to top Christmas tracks! Find out who's the Dungle Elf and what tattoos are allowed near the Summah Ink! Happy Chartidays! Get the “Who Charted Holiday Bundle”…


Brett, Sam, and Cody, Our Engineers

Hollywood Handbook #49September 9, 2014

Hayes and Sean play a game of "That's Wheely Interesting" where they describe their first encounters with celebrities and Sean talks about BBQ festival etiquette. Then, BRETT, SAM, and CODY are on the other side of the table for an exclusive engineer-only…


9/5/14 TWO CHARTED 135

Who Charted? #196.5September 5, 2014

It's the first post-Labor day Two Charted of the year and Howard and Kulap are reeling with beginning of the new un-summah sounding month, September. Tune in to hear your favorite chart keepers talk about 20th century packaging, going to the dentist,…

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