Samantha Bee

Samantha is a comedic actress and author who is well known as a senior correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Currently, she is the host of the new late-night talk show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” on TBS.

Host Information

Full Release with Samantha Bee

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee host Samantha Bee sits down for weekly unscripted, in-depth conversations with the best and rightest people about how to navigate the ever-changing world and what to laugh about along the way.

Guest Appearances

The Deep Dive Presents: Full Release with Samantha Bee

Deep Divers we want to share a short clip from a podcast we are loving, it's called Full Release with Samantha Bee. In this clip Sam talks with Jonathan Van Ness about where they do their best thinking and the importance of…


Samantha Bee

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil #78September 30, 2021

Comedian, writer, political commentator, and host Samantha Bee joins Jameela to discuss Sam's time as a mommy blogger, her amazing ability to not read people's comments about her, finding her peace and sense of self in her family, why the situation in Afghanistan…


100th Episode! Samantha Bee Talks Comedy and Information

It's Factually's 100th episode! To celebrate, Adam is joined by Full Frontal host Sam Bee to discuss the art of combining fact with farce. They talk the importance (or total unimportance) of informational comedy, consider what lies ahead in their careers, and dunk…


The Smells Of Christmas

Fake The Nation #232December 24, 2020

The tree! The smells! Paula Poundstone and Dorian Warren join Negin to talk about their favorite Christmas traditions. Later on, Samantha Bee and Wajahat Ali share their funniest memories which include an embarrassing moment at a children's recital and a language mix up in…


Rise Above-y

Fake The Nation #226November 12, 2020

Samantha Bee and Wajahat Ali join Negin to share how they felt after finding out Joe Biden won the presidency. They also get into whether Trumpism will outlast Trump and how they plan to mentally prepare for another possible coronavirus lockdown.


Can Comedy Save Us All? with Samantha Bee

Look, we already know the answer to this question. But we can dream! We’re sending you into Election Day with an early release of this week’s Getting Curious, featuring a conversation with the iconic comedian, writer, and producer Samantha Bee. She and…


Samantha Bee: Not Holding Back

Private: Katie Couric #9October 20, 2016

Samantha Bee (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) is the only woman in America with her own late-night television show. "Its really liberating," she tells Katie and Brian. "I don't find it scary at all." She discusses the outrage she summons in order to…


Prayer Orgy

Comedy Bang Bang #398February 1, 2016

A very treasured special guest who shall not be named joins Scott to do some vocal exercises, play a game of "False or True?", and to talk about departing The Daily Show for her new TBS show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.…


Cheeseburgers to the Dome

Who Charted? #267January 13, 2016

Dreary weather can't slow down Kulap, Howard and Stard. They discuss Howard's vibrant outfit, exercising and streaming music services with comedian and actress Samantha Bee as they count down the Top 5 of Shazam's Top 100. Yahoo's Most Anticipated Video Games of…

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