Sarah Maher

Sarah Maher

Sarah Maher has been improvising around the U.S. for the last seven years. Prior to boarding the NCL Star, Sarah was improvising with Mike Helicopter at iO Chicago, on the Main Stage at ComedySportz Chicago, and as part of the improv duo Couples Counseling at iO Chicago with her husband Arnie. Previously Sarah performed on the Main Stage ensemble at Improv Asylum in Boston, MA. In addition to performing, Sarah is an instructor at Second City, iO Chicago, and ComedySportz Chicago.

Guest Appearances


This week on WKRH, guest host Sarah Maher discusses her paranormal disappearance and cross stitching. Sarah Maher: Sarah Maher Adal Rifai: Adal Rifai Into and Nerf: Marla Caceres and Eddie PiƱa Greg: Arnie Niekamp Barbara: Matt Young Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen Craig:…


Sarah For Real

My name is Sarah Maher. And I'm trapped in the magical land of Foon. But I'm continuing this podcast with Chunt and Usidore. Sarah: Sarah Maher Chunt: Adal Rifai Usidore: Matt Young Can the Wizard: Arnie Niekamp Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen Craig:…

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