Shannon Locke

Shannon Locke

Shannon is Earwolf’s Forum Moderator. She’s the best moderator to ever moderate a forum.

Guest Appearances

James Bonding Fantasy Film Draft 2

James Bonding #91April 15, 2019

The James Bonding Fantasy Film Draft is back! And this time it's serious. Six contenders, six Bonds, and six films. Matt and Matt are joined by Taran Killam, James Bladon, Dani Price, and Shannon Locke. Mark McConville is your moderator, once more.…


Intro to K-Pop (w/ Shannon Locke and Angelica Davila)

How To Be Less Old #166January 2, 2018

Korean pop music enthusiasts Shannon Locke and Angelica Davila join Emily and Deanna this week to give a total rundown on the rising popularity of K-Pop music! Shannon and Angelica explain how they became engrossed in the fandom, their favorite stars, and…

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