Stephen Guarino

Stephen Guarino has been performing and touring as a professional comedian since he was 17. He co-founded Dad’s Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta and went on to co-create NYC’s Off-Broadway hit The Nuclear Family, a fully improvised musical with Jimmy Bennett, John Gregorio, and Matthew Loren Cohen. He currently stars in The Big Gay Sketch Show which is produced by Rosie O’Donnell, and has exposed his comic talents to the film world with several features on the horizon.

Guest Appearances

4/20 Y'all!

Attaché bitches, it's time for Glitter in the Garbage! The guests this week are Stephen Guarino and Jonny McGovern from Logo's Big Gay Sketch Show. Under the influence of 4/20 (the date, don't get any ideas!), we bring you bold tales from…

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