Stephen Kinzer

Stephen Kinzer is an American author, journalist and academic. A former New York Times correspondent, he has published several books, and currently writes for several newspapers and news agencies.

Guest Appearances

How The CIA Quest For Mind Control Drove The World Insane

The Cracked Podcast #309September 15, 2019

Sidney Gottlieb is a name you do not know. If you did, you’d know about decades of CIA projects ruining countless minds with drugs and torture. You’d also know about the CIA’s secret San Francisco bordello, collaboration with Axis Powers war criminals,…


How One Forgotten War Created Modern America

The Cracked Podcast #264November 4, 2018

If you took an advanced high school history class, you might remember that The Spanish-American War happened. You might even remember a few details: a ship sinking in Cuba, the U.S. taking over Puerto Rico, Teddy Roosevelt riding a horse...and once you…

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