Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch is a hilarious comedian with awesomely hilarious characters and a pretty great Canadian accent. He’s done iO, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, you know, the usual. He performs in Diamond Lion, the musical improv show that everyone seems to be talking about. You’ve probably seen him in almost every commercial of late, but if you haven’t watched his myriad of hilarious web videos yet, you have a job for the next few hours!

Guest Appearances

Thomas Middleditch: Talking with Tommy LIVE from RIOT LA

Recorded LIVE from RIOT LA is another edition of Talking with Tommy! Thomas Middleditch welcomes renaissance woman Barbara Preen to talk coats, cat hunting, and dramatic relationships with some Hollywood celebrities. They also play a round of the crowd favorite game “I’d…


Thomas Middleditch, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #63December 16, 2014

Sean and Hayes discuss the holidays in L.A. with a new version of a classic segment: "You're Doing It Wrong: By Ho Ho Hove I Think Eggnog It". Then, TV star THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH is in the studio to talk about Mike Judge, the…



Sklarbro Country #218September 26, 2014

Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch stops by the studio to spend some quality time on this week's Sklarbro Country. Tune in to hear the Sklars recap throwing out the first pitch in St. Louis, Thomas talk about working with Martin Scorsese, and all…


No Bueno From Tip To Taint

Who Charted? #197September 10, 2014

Flight simulator enthusiast & Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch learns all about Stolen Summah on this week’s WHO CHARTED! Thomas shares his thoughts on Pop songs, what he’s worked on as an amateur furnitureman, and we’re introduced to Baby Metal as we…


Size Matters!

Totally Laime #154January 11, 2013

Talented comedy and improv actor, THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH joins us as one of only a few guests to make a repeat appearance and for good reason - he keeps us laughing through discussion of dick size, relationships, and oh yeah, whether or not…


Happy New Years!

Totally Laime #49January 9, 2011

He's cute. He's funny. He's smart. and guys? He's CANADIAN!!! oh yeah, and THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH is also insanely talented - in UCB'S Baby Wants Candy, and as the star of Splinterheads! Happy 2011. Enjoy.

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