T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller knows more about giraffes than you do. He performed stand-up comedy in Chicago for years before making it out to Los Angeles to star in the underrated ABC sitcom Carpoolers. Since then his career has exploded: His film resume includes Get Him to the Greek, Yogi Bear, and Unstoppable and more. He’s also a filmmaker and his short films Successful Alcoholics and I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents have made waves at film festivals all over the country. His stand-up has been featured on Mash-Up, Chelsea Lately and TBS’s Conan.

Guest Appearances

T.J. Miller

Never Not Funny #1612April 30, 2015

Yanking your chain with T.J. Miller.


Sheer Will of Force and Salsa

Sklarbro Country #196April 25, 2014

Renaissance man T.J. Miller has been killing it on HBO's Silicon Valley and he's returned to the calming shores to give us a behind the scenes run down of the incredibly well written/casted & hilarious Mike Judge TV show. T.J. describes Mike…


Missed Connections

Who Charted? #82June 27, 2012

There has been a lot of coastal talk on the show lately, so we thought we'd bring in T.J. Miller for some of his patented Denver energy! He'll teach you the art of faxing during our Billboard Heatseekers Chart and he even makes an…


Sklarbro County 5

Drunken golf course driving, disruptive dancing, and ghosts are on the docket this week with guest T.J. Miller. Plus, sad clown Professor Giggles, well, he's just done.


Teasing Embargo

Totally Laime #124June 15, 2012

Do you guys love T.J. Miller yet? We super do. He's willing to get real and sincere about the difficulties of dating a comic and the harsh parts of showbiz, but he is JUST as real and sincere about bungee jumping vs.…


Throwin' Down Sledge!

Sklarbro Country #23December 30, 2010

Randy and Jason throw down some mad sledge this week on Sklarbro Country! T.J. Miller graces the calming shores primarily as a note-taker, but fortunately he finds time to tell us about his journey to Hollywood and to share one of his…

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