Tom Scharpling

Tom Scharpling hosts The Best Show on WFMU which is, pardon the hyperbole, the BEST show on WFMU. He and Jon Wurster make up the creatively named Scharpling & Wurster whose numerous albums have been devoured by comedy fans and musicians alike. Tom recently directed music videos for Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and The New Pornographers, both of which are chock full of Earwolf favorites. And one last thing: MONK!

Guest Appearances

Sklarbro County 149

Sklarbro Country #244.5March 31, 2015

Randy and Jason welcome to this week’s Sklarbro County the hosts of The Best Show Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster, who talk about great concerts they’ve attended, what the future beholds for them in comedy, and why the NBA is the best…


Who's Got My Goo Balls?

Analyze Phish #8November 18, 2013

Harris Wittels is back to be your tour guide through the cosmos (sorry) along with special guest Tom Scharpling of The Best Show on WFMU. Similar to Scott Aukerman, Tom could care less about Phish but is certainly open to change his…


Sloppy Lady Junk

Sklarbro Country #79January 27, 2012

Tom Scharpling is the host of The Best Show on WFMU, the director of some of the best indie rock music videos, and perhaps a contender for best Sklarbro Country guest?! His sports knowledge (available for perusal at The Classical) and radio expertise…


Garry Marshall Presents

Comedy Bang Bang #91February 7, 2011

When you have your own talk show on IFC, you can get some pretty huge guests from the world of entertainment. This week Scott shows off his showbiz credentials with former Monk writer Tom Scharpling, gay marriage advocate Gary Marshall, and future…

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