Tony Sam

Tony sam is a comedian from Chicago, IL. While there, Tony became a big name in the underground and alternative comedy scene. He is currently the Head Writer and Editor in Chief of Jamie Kennedy’s

Guest Appearances

Sklarbro County 125

Sklarbro Country #220.5October 14, 2014

The great and hilarious Tony Sam stops by the County to tell us all about his new stand-up album “Scaredy Cat.” Tony tells us about the time he was arrested for drinking & driving, the process of retiring old stand-up material &…


Marine Comedy Bootcamp!

Sklarbro Country #78January 20, 2012

How many comedians are Marines in reserves? The answer is 1: Rob Riggle! Rob joins the Sklars this week and he brings his 'A' game. The man is a Marine, an athlete, a prolific comedian and a perfect guest; press play to…

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