Touré is a writer, music journalist, and television personality best known for his work as the co-host of television show The Cycle.

Guest Appearances

Mystery Poetry Slam

Fake The Nation #212August 6, 2020

Touré and Jeff Kreisler join Negin to dive into Trump's obsession with TikTok and attempt to identify the necessary components of a functional democracy. They also break down absentee versus vote-by-mail ballots. Touré explains why he'll be voting in person.


Love City with Toure - Episode 1

Earwolf Presents #55July 27, 2016

Use promo code LOVECITY to listen to the full series of Love City with Toure. This is a show that will explore the life story of our favorite cultural items and ask what are the things we love and why do we…


American Gangster (w/ Touré)

Writer, journalist, and television host Touré joins Kamau to discuss "American Gangster" along with the rest of Touré's Top 5 Denzel Movies. They talk about what's wrong with having different awards for Best Actor and Best Actress, getting paid for movies you don't…

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