Vernon Reid

Vernon Reid

Guest Appearances

The Siege (w/ Vernon Reid)

This week, musician Vernon Reid fills in as guest host for Kamau to chat about Trump's defense tactics and Seth Meyers' band with Kevin. Then they tackle the 1998 thriller "The Siege," covering items such as Denzel as a positive authority figure…


The Tripod (w/ Vernon Reid)

Vernon Reid of Living Colour and Denzealot all-star is back to talk all things Denzel with Kamau & Kevin. They'll discuss how Kamau is causing emotions with his ad reads, why Kevin might be related to past guest Ava DuVernay, 16 Fascinating…


Out of Time

Vernon Reid of Living Colour and Denzealot all-star returns to the show to talk about Denzel in 2003’s Out of Time: a movie about grown man shit. They cover the Denzel noir genre, Matt Whitlocking it, Chae being the best friend in…


The Crossover

Living Colour’s own Vernon Reid joins Kamau & Kevin for a special Marvel crossover edition of The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture and Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period. They’ll discuss the Sam Raimi Spiderman film…

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