Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings is an American comedian and actress. She is best known as the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney, as well as the co-creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Guest Appearances

My Stepmother Is An Alien: LIVE!

Stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings (The Female Brain) joins Paul, June, and Jason to discuss the 1988 comedy science fiction film My Stepmother Is an Alien. Recorded live from Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, they’ll talk about the horny adults party…



Comedy Bang Bang #395January 18, 2016

Stand-up extraordinaire and official CBB friend of the show Whitney Cummings finally makes her first appearance on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! Whitney tells us all about her new HBO special "I'm Your Girlfriend," what it means to be diagnosed as a…



Professor Blastoff #203April 14, 2015

Welcome back to another week in the hatch! Kyle starts off the show with a chat about his experience at nam yoga. Then, comedian Whitney Cummings comes on the show to talk about meditation, EMDR, migraines, dog rescue, fame, addiction, and abandonment.…

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