Building Up Our Blog

I am so excited to announce we are going to be building up the blog!  You can look forward to interviews, featured live shows, behind the scenes pieces, podcasting news and comedic pieces.  I’m so excited.  It’s been on my list for a while, and when I met and got to know Joel Mandelkorn, I realized I found the perfect person to pull my vision together and make it even better.  So I asked him to join Earwolf as the editor of this blog.

Joel has diverse experience in comedy which ranges from working for Tom Arnold to booking his own monthly show here in LA (The Super Serious Show) to starting the very impressive Plop List.  He was even a guest on The Wolf Den!  Not only will Joel be the editor, he will also contribute.  I’m so happy that Joel accepted my offer, understood my vision and agreed to work hard to make it his own.

Our first “official” contributor is the outstanding and well read Steve Heisler.  Steve and I met when he booked Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast for the Chicago Just For Laughs festival in 2010.  That alone gives him all the Earwolf cred he should need.  He lives in NYC and has written for AV Club, New York Magazine, Variety, GQ and NPR.  Can you believe we were lucky enough to snag this guy?  Me neither!  Steve will also put in his two cents and help Joel with the content strategy, but his main job will be to write great, exclusive content.  His first piece is already up right here!

The Earwolf world is a better place for having these two professionals in it.  Good luck, Guys, and welcome to the team!

Now it’s up to you…please leave comments with serious suggestions about content you would like to see in the blog. This will help us give you what you want.  And if you want to submit a writing sample, please do so through the website and select “Joining Earwolf”.  Thanks!