Eardrop Doubles Down

We’re excited to announce the return of Eardrop! What was once loved as a daily podcast and uncensored comedian voice messaging service, has been revamped into an entirely new service. This time around, we’re bringing Eardrop to the people. Soon…very soon, we’ll be releasing a new Eardrop mobile app. The app will let anyone share their voice messages online. With Twitter and the new Eardrop app, you’ll be able to leave your own audio “drops.” Audio fun for all your Twitter followers to enjoy. All instant. All online.

See and listen to the drops all instantly at www.eardrop.fm and/or from your followers’ tweets.

Over the next several weeks, a select group of highly trained volunteers will be helping us with our closed beta testing of the new Eardrop app and site. Along the way, you may start to see a few drops making their way through the series of tubes to your computers and phones.

Earwolf hosts, guests and friends will continue to leave drops for fans. This time you’ll be able to see them instantly online. The Eardrop podcast will live on! Each day after the public launch of Eardrop, we’re going to release their top drops as the daily Eardrop podcast.

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for drops from our unbelievably highly-trained testing team, friends and favorite performers and personalities. And soon – very soon – you…yes, YOU will be able to know the awesome glory of the new Eardrop. Okay…that may have been an overstatement, but trust us. It is going to be pretty cool.