Hey everyone, we’d like to announce our brand new show – Eardrop!

The show will be released daily (yes, that means 7 days a week!) at 10am PST, and will feature a unique format: no host, no moderators. Just all your favorite comics calling into an answering machine and leaving 60-seconds-or-less messages. We’ve invited some of our favorite comedians – and will be inviting more as time goes on – to participate, and are leaving the content of the show entirely up to them!

The show is created and published completely automatically each day, so no one is listening to it before it’s released. Comedians call in, our computer magically creates a new episode from all the calls from the last day, and pushes it out to all of you.

The first episode will be released tomorrow (Monday, March 14) at 10am, and will be available via Earwolf.com as a direct download or RSS feed, iTunes,  and the Earwolf iPhone app.