Earwolf Makes Major Announcements!

After months of hard work and planning, we are proud to launch a completely redesigned Earwolf website. Along with the new website’s improved design there are added functions, new shows, improved apps and more.

New Shows:

Episodes of The Apple Sisters will be released each Monday, and are based on the popular live show of the same name. Candy, Cora, and Seedy Apple are singers, actresses, and raconteurs straight out of 1943. While the technology is still a bit foreign to them, they’re pleased as punch to plunge into podcasting.

Episodes of Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca will be released every Monday through Friday, unless he can’t get a ride to the studio or one of his many health conditions flare up. As the official ex-stepfather of Earwolf, Bob has grown to love our listeners (and our listeners have grown to pity him). He hopes to give back to the Earwolf community with his daily meditations, poems, and ramblings.

New Website Features:

There is a section of Earwolf called Yourcast where we invite fellow podcasters to purchase directory listings. This way you can help support Earwolf while bringing attention to your own show.

We are very proud of our new On Tour feature. Simply enter your zip code and the number of miles you are willing to travel and we can show you where Earwolf hosts and guests will be performing near you.

New Apps:

The On Tour feature has a corresponding iPhone app (note: Currently pending iTunes App Store approval). Like the website feature, the app will allow you to view maps of different comedy venues, purchase tickets, and get more information on the show.

We finally have our very first Android app. This app will allow Android users to access Earwolf feeds through Google Listen and hear any of our shows on the go.

New T-Shirts:

We also have two new t-shirts! The first is for How Did This Get Made listeners and shows off one of our favorite discussion topics: Ridiculous Cage. The second is a simple epitaph that all our listeners should know by heart: The Wolf Dead.


Earwolf is a Los Angeles-based content provider, specializing in comedy programming. Formed by Jeff Ullrich and Scott Aukerman in 2010, Earwolf’s podcasts, including “Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast”, “Sklarbro Country”, “How Did This Get Made?” and more, have been downloaded several millions of times, and have been recognized as part of iTunes’ “top podcasts.”