Earwolf Presents Earwolf Presents

Bam. New show. Just like that. Whoa – “where did that come from” you say? Hey, sometimes we like surprises. Our new show, Earwolf Presents, is all about surprises, too. Think of Earwolf Presents as your ongoing stream of Earwolf Specials. A home for single episodes of experimental or live podcasts not part of our regular weekly rotation.

We’ll be inviting some of your favorite Earwolf performers to try their hand at the podcast game. Shows will also feature existing hosts, guests and/or comedians and celebrities. Not every performer has time for a weekly show. When the stars align and the timing is right, Earwolf Presents will give them a place to share their podcast adventures with you.

More surprises: there’s no set format. You might get interviews, sketches, game shows, commentary, stories or maybe musical performances. You never know. Popular episodes of Earwolf Presents could come back for another round, too. Be sure to let us know what you think of the special episodes. The show won’t have a regular release schedule. You never know when you’ll get another fun special episode of all new comedy content.

Our first special is “Analyze Phish.” The show features two of our favorite people – Harris Wittels doing his best to talk Scott Aukerman into liking the band Phish. Will he succeed? Will they still be on talking terms? Listen to t find out.

Keep an eye out for even more Earwolf Presents goodness in the near future. Lots of fun surprises in store.