Earwolf’s Happy Birthday Cake!

Hey Earwolf! To make this about me from the get-go, here is a list of things that I like:

-Earwolf (kind of a given)
-Cake (who doesn’t?)
-Making friends (awwwww!)

It stands to reason that I should like making friends with Earwolf listeners! And add cake to the mix and it is sweeter than fondant on top of buttercream (which I believe is called “dirty icing” (yeah, yeah, I watch cake shows)).


Summer is a lawyer by day and a cake decorator by night. Okay, that’s wildly inaccurate, but if I want my script based on her life to see the light of day I’ve gotta make it snappy. She’s an attorney who just got started in the exciting world of cake decorating and she made the delicacy below on behalf of Earwolf’s one-year anniversary!

YUMMERZ TO THE INFINITY POWER, AMIRITE? I mean…that looks like a lovely and well crafted cake. Because Summer and I are only internet friends and live far, far away from each other I couldn’t enjoy a celebratory slice. I’m sure it is great though. How could something so awesome possibly taste anything less than great?

So, thank you, Summer! I would say that Buddy “The Cake Boss” Valestro would be pleased, but I think in reality he’d probably be embarrassed that he hasn’t made anything as great (also, he can use his second sight to see that you will be far more successful than he could ever be). And hey other listeners with special skills: Step it up! Make us somethin’ neat we can be proud of! Put it up in the forum, why doncha? Let’s all try to be a little more like Summer! You a shoe maker? Make some Earwolf shoes! You an architect? Make an Earwolf building! It’s not that hard!

Thanks again Summer. The Wolf Dead.