Earwolf’s Newest Show: Totally Laime!

Today we welcome a new show to Earwolf! A show that won their place in a grueling ten week battle known as The Earwolf Challenge. A show called Totally Laime.

Now, Totally Laime has a different situation than most of our shows. First of all, it has existed for over a year. They have over 80 previous episodes for your listening pleasure. You can get a feel for what the show is (it’s mainly fart sounds). The second biggest difference is we heard from the hosts, Elizabeth and Andy, every week this past Summer as part of The Earwolf Challenge.

So, rather than bore you all with what you already heard (“Blah blah blah, asking the least important people the most important questions, blah blah blah”- That’s What You Sound Like, Elizabeth and Andy!), I’ve interviewed the unsung hero of the podcast: their dog Ruby. My time with Ruby was short as she is easily distracted and I just wanted to play with her, but I did get some good questions in before she started sniffing my butt.

What a pretty puppy!

The Unofficial Third Host

Hi Ruby! Thank you so much for speaking with me. We learned a lot about Elizabeth and Andy through The Earwolf Challenge, but what do you think we should know about them?

They are the best! They give me tons of treats and take me to the park to play fetch with the disc. Please don’t call it a frisbee, I’m practically a professional disc dog. The best thing, though, has got to be the lots of nice smelling people coming over to our house all the time so I have lots of new humans to make really happy!

You mention enjoying the nice smelling visitors, so tell me this: who are some guests would you like to have on Totally Laime now that it is part of Earwolf?

Any humans that have lotion on their legs for me to lick when they come over or who bring dog treats or have shoelaces for me to untie while they are recording. Also, more bitches please.

Lotion and shoelaces. I’ll make sure Scott and Jeff get that memo. Now, Totally Laime has existed for over a year on its own. How do you think being part of Earwolf will change the show, the hosts, and you personally?

My parents are going to be a lot happier so they’ll probably take me for more walks which is awesome! But on the flip side they’ll probably be locking me out of our bedroom more often so they can have alone time, which stinks because I like it when we’re all together all the time!

I think we can all relate to that. Now, one final question. Are you at all jealous of Rocky, Scott Aukerman and Kulap Vilaysack’s Boston Terrier?

I’m not jealous but I’d really really like to smell Rocky’s butthole.

I think that’s a perfect note to end on. Thank you for your time Ruby.

Wow, powerful powerful stuff there. So folks, make this darling little puppy happy and listen to Totally Laime every Friday on Earwolf. The first guest is Matt Besser. Listen here to find out how he proposed to his wife, why we probably shouldn’t eat Domino’s Pizza and how incest isn’t that big of a deal. Once again, powerful powerful stuff.