01/02/15 TWO CHARTED 152

Who Charted? #213.5 January 2, 2015

Kulap starts off the show, and new year, with an investigation into why Howard will never have a full beard. Also, New Years salutations are exchanged and the top hip hop songs of 2014, as Howard saw them and heard them, are discussed. Also, Howard predicts why it’s going to be a magical year, which involves Kulap’s ability to put magically put on suit jackets. Then, Kulap explains why she can’t do kickboxing and how she’ll be working out in the new year. Later, the gang debates weather or not the Victoria Secret Fashion show is the greatest piece of television of all time. Lastly, Kulap and Howard discus their New Year’s resolutions and why it’s important to “stay on your purpose.”

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