01/23/15 TWO CHARTED 155

Who Charted? #216.5 January 23, 2015

Howard and Kulap start off the show with the pros and cons of dating a gangster chick, along with what level of excitement that can bring to a relationship. Then, Stard talks about the brawl/flash mob that broke out on his front lawn and Kulap discusses the generational relevance of Madonna. Later, the crew reviews Empire, also known as “Nashville with wheels off,” and Howard reveals the worst thing that can happen to you while listening to some tunes, you get shot in the face. Also, Stard enlightens the world with a quick hit list of what’s new in Rock and Roll, like some real, heady, B-side stuff. Lastly, Howard defends why it is so important to do business in Coffee Bean, even when you’re not a customer.

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