01/30/15 TWO CHARTED 156

Who Charted? #217.5 January 30, 2015

This week, Howard and Kulap pick up where they left off, with weather space or ocean is more interesting, as well as how this topic affected Howard’s confidence around women. Then, Howard and Kulap chart new waters by exposing Chartist’s to Lil Wayne’s new solo ventures and Howard takes a moment to acknowledge the power that Who Charted has had on the entertainment industry. Additionally, the gang weighs in on the Super Bowl and prop bets that include; how many costumes Katy Perry will go through in her half time performance, what kind of chemistry she will have with Lenny Kravitz, and which guest Artists will make an appearance. Later, Kulap helps Chartists understand the proper precautions that are needed in order to plan the perfect Bachelorette party. Lastly, as is expected, Howard makes one final argument for why the ocean should be more popular than Space.

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