10/17/14 TWO CHARTED 141

Who Charted? #202.5 October 17, 2014

Howard, Kulap, and Beats Per Mustard Morris do a gift exchange on this week’s Two Charted before talking about why bank tellers are the new therapist, being brave at the dentist, and Howards time at the “World Jet Ski Races.” Later, Howard makes everyone nervous during a segment of “How To Act,” before sparking a hot debate over the invention of a motorcycle that rumbles enough to arouse a woman, while still being quiet enough to not bother anyone. Also, Kulap raises the bar on what it means to be a Chartist when she plays a song that was written just for her! Just before it’s all said and done Howard reminisces of the times when “what happened at the rink, stayed at the rink.” Oh, those were the days!!!

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