July 24, 2017

EP. 194 — 12 Animals That Could ‘Planet of The Apes’ Us If They Tried

If sci-fi movies have taught you one thing about species with queen-based social hierarchies, it’s that you should always kill the queen. Same goes for insects right? Kill the queen and the ant hill or bee’s nest goes away. Sounds good, unless you’re dealing with Argentine ants, who have about 300 queens for every 1,000 worker ants. 

How do you kill them? 

You don’t.

Where do they live? Probably Argentina, right? 

Wrong, they’ve taken over just about every continent other than Antarctica. So good luck with your new insect overlords.

On this week’s podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Cracked’s Katie Goldin and Daniel O’Brien, as well as comedians Joey Clift, Caitlin Gill and Matt Kirshen to discuss ants, crows, cats, immortal jellyfish and 7 other species whose crazy abilities will allow them to take over the world once us humans are gone.

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