January 2, 2023

EP. 352 — 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Hike to the mesosphere. Be a better partner, but most importantly, stop being apologetic about your farts. New year’s resolutions are serious business in 2023! Geth speaks with someone who’s preparing a 5 minute clowning act, a woman who intends to complete an 18,000 piece puzzle, a college student addicted to collecting fountain pens, and resolutions from former callers.


Chris [00:00:05] Hello to everybody who wants to fart more freely. It’s the annual New Year’s resolution episode of Beautiful/ Anonymous. Many, many phone calls. Who knows how many hours? No names except one guy who slipped up towards the end but we’ll bleep him. And phone calls. Yeah, a lot of phone calls… Hey, everybody. Chris Gethard here, wishing you a happy New Year. What a year we had. Everybody who’s listening can vouch for me. We went on a hot streak this year. We had call after call that was just bangers. And that’s because the show exists, of course. It’s because there’s people who work hard on it. But most of all, it’s because you people are out there bringing the heat with these stories. And I feel so lucky that we get to do this show, and I hope that we get to do it forever. I feel great. Every year I kind of forget how physically strenuous this New Year’s episode is, where we just do call after call after call. B

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