3/19/13 TWO CHARTED 63

Who Charted? #124.5 April 19, 2013

Nothing makes a Friday more fun that hanging with Ku-ku and Wie-wie on TWO CHARTED! They talk about Dirt Cup’s appearance on the New Girl, Howard receives a Chuck D doll, and does an impromptu countdown of his top three music recording platforms. Then it’s proper chart time as Howard revisits his chart from last week concerning his greatest fears for his comedy album recording including; an effortless beer run, wearing his hair in a samurai pony tail, and an overall wonderful experience. Then Kulap counts down the top 5 songs from her favorite tv show Nashville. Plus some LA dating advice, a quick countdown of the best Australians, and some words about the LL Cool J and Brad Paisley debacle. Enjoy Chartists!

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