392: How Gay Is Pete Buttigieg?, Rep. Barry Hovis and the ‘Consensual Rape’, Guest Kulap Vilaysack

Attitudes! #392 May 22, 2019

This week, Bryan talks about former lawmaker and verified crap-spewer Don Boys’s blog post asking presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg just ‘how gay’ he is and the litany of misinformation and hateful rhetoric contained within. Then, Erin discusses comments by the similarly affected GOP Rep. Barry Hovis regarding what he described as ‘consensual rape,’ his feeble attempts to walk those comments back, and how it all ties into the tidal wave of idiocy that’s drowning the nation. On a better note, the terrific Kulap Vilaysack stops by to talk about her new documentary ‘Origin Story,’ searching for her birth father, and her ever-evolving relationship with her mom.


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