4/12/13 TWO CHARTED 62

Who Charted? #123.5 April 12, 2013

Howard has an upcoming comedy album recording (except it happened right before this episode came out) and there are certain people who can’t come see it. Fortunately Kulap and all of us Chartists are invited to know about all things Howard related. Ku-Ku helps Howard work through his nerves and they also discuss proper summer vacationing, whether stress sweat is stinkier than regular sweat, and famous inventions they could have come up with. Ku-ku counts down her top 5 newish alternative songs and talks about a recent book that has women leaning in and taking their place at the table. Then Howard counts down his top 5 fears for his upcoming recording including; having to get alcohol for the whole crowd, hearing literal crickets, and worst of all… the unknown. Enjoy it Chartists!

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