9 Creepy Real Murders (With ‘My Favorite Murder’)

The Cracked Podcast #162 January 23, 2017

Remember when you made fun of that kid in grade school for wetting the bed? You probably shouldn’t have done that. I would apologize, change your name or leave the country. The reason is, psychologists suggest something called the Macdonald triangle, that there are three main characteristics of people who grow up to become killers: arson, cruelty to animals and bed-wetting. If you’ve got two or more, (in Jeff Foxworthy’s voice) chances are you might be a serial killer.

So, for another round of creepy solved and unsolved murders, we’ve invited back to the podcast America’s foremost experts on the subject, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from ‘My Favorite Murder’. They join Jack O’Brien and Daniel O’Brien to talk about Daniel’s two hometown serial killers with a strange connection, two district attorneys who suffered mysterious ends, the unsolved murder of three girl scouts, and the murderer who buried his “kill kits” in the woods.

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