9 Ridiculous Myths Everyone Believes About The Old West

The Cracked Podcast #316 November 3, 2019

Cowboys might be the most iconic type of American. The hat! The pistols! The white man! THESE are the markers of a true cowboy, in our minds. But what if that’s one prominent myth about the Old West? And what if it’s one member of a rogues’ gallery of bullshit you’ve been told about life in the late 1800s west of the Mississippi River? On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, outlaw podcaster Alex Schmidt forms a posse with incredible comedy writers Jenny Jaffe and Elliott Kalan. They’ll gun down myth after Old West myth, drawing on everything from historical records to Jenny & Elliott’s experiences creating an animated TV comedy set in cowboy times. They’ll also explore weird myths about our cultural myths, figure out which modern celebrity has the best outlaw name, and re-imagine what a great Western story can be.

Footnotes: https://www.cracked.com/podcast/9-ridiculous-myths-everyone-believes-about-old-west

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