June 22, 2020

EP. 220 — A Bar Star Comes Out, Again

Gay conversion therapy, a failed marriage and finally coming out. A caller tells Geth about his religious upbringing and finding happiness later in life.


[00:00:05] CHRIS:  Hello to everybody who is experiencing technical difficulties with their electrical grid.  It’s Beautiful Anonymous one hour, one phone call.  No names: no holds barred.   THEME MUSIC:  I’d rather go one on one.  I think it’ll be more fun and I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me.   [00:00:29] CHRIS:  Hi, everybody, it’s Chris here.  First things first, I apologize.  You guys have heard recently I moved out of New York City.  It was time for the life change, and I’m happy.  That being said, one thing I’ve learned is that when you move out sort of to the middle of nowhere — it’s not in the middle of nowhere.  But compared to Queens, I’m in the middle of nowhere.  The infrastructure is a little less reliable.  And the power went out.  Not my Wi-Fi went out, the power went out — my entire home.  The middle of this episode, you’ll hear there’s a pause in the midd

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