All Things Latinx w/ Curly Velasquez

Spanish Aquí Presents #1 July 15, 2019

Bienvenido to the very first episode of Spanish Aquí Presents! Raiza, Oscar, Tony and Carlos discuss the term Latinx and what’s got people so worked up about the word and what it means to the culture. Then they are joined by Buzzfeed’s very own Curly Valesquez. Curly talks to the SAP crew about about working his way from cleaning tables at Buzzfeed to creating content there, supporting other Latinx people, and all the different scents he enjoys using around the house and, um, other places. Finally the show wraps up with a fun improv set you won’t want to miss. If you want to read up about the term Latinx, please check out these articles. ¡Dale!

This episode is brought to you by Blue Chew ( code: SAP).

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