December 7, 2020

EP. 244 — Another 39 Year Old Grandma

A recently retired real estate agent chats with Geth about what it’s been like teaching her grandson at home and taking care of her dying mother. She also opens up about being a former drug addict and her views on reincarnation.


CHRIS [00:00:05] Hello to everybody who thrives in chaos, it’s Beautiful Anonymous, one hour, one phone call, no names, no holds barred.   THEME MUSIC [00:00:13] I’d rather go one on one, I think it’ll be more fun and I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me.   CHRIS [00:00:28] Hi everybody, Chris Gethard here, welcome to another episode of Beautiful Anonymous, I got to say, we’ve had some tough episodes lately and we’ve had some really fun episodes lately, right? You got The Pirate, you got the Groundhog Day guy. You also have our last week’s episode about murder and the recent episode following up with one of our Motor City Mayhem boys, about about something just really, really horrific that he lived through. And I just got to say, it’s been a sesaw, I thank everybody who’s been checking out the shows and exploring all corners of life in that way and last week’s call, there’s a really great level of discu

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