March 6, 2013

EP. 15 — As The Dust Settles

After the heated battle against the collectors, the gang tries to decipher the newly discovered maps covered in astronomical signals that they find on the tables around them. Then it quickly becomes an intimidation fest against their hostages that still remain in the elevator they rode in on. Will they have what it takes to intimidate these poor people? What do these strange maps mean? Which words remind Blaine of Bronson Pinchot? Tune in to find out!

Recent Episodes

November 25, 2015

Our heroes meet some very familiar faces from the past…

November 18, 2015

EP. 152 — Bowel Semantics

Our heroes have traveled far and wide and it has lead them to a battle on the beach against fish robots. They’ll crank up the Chuck Mangione and make these fish wish they never came out of the ocean.

November 12, 2015

EP. 151 — Brogre

In a special Danger Room episode of Nerd Poker, Dag and Houg awake and find themselves in a dark room surrounded by nude gnomes. How have they gotten to this nightmarish place? Tune in to find out!