August 1, 2017

EP. 72 — Aussie Best Friend

An Aussie opens up about his family’s history which includes tales of drug dealing, substance abuse, mental illness, sex addiction and trying to find God in a hot yoga studio. Something really special clicks between Gethard and the caller, and not just because Americans love an Australian accent. Recorded in front of a live audience in Baltimore, Maryland on June 11, 2017.

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Hello to all my new friends that I’ll wonder about forever! It’s Beautiful/Anonymous. One hour, one phone call, no names, no holds barred. Hello everybody – Chris Gethard here, your old pal welcoming ya to another episode of Beautiful/Anonymous. Good to – thanks for listening again. Thank you to everybody who’s subscribed and listening. Happy Tuesday, or whenever you’re listening to this if you’re not listening the day it drops. Very, very excited about the episode here – we’ll talk about that in a second. First, last week’s episode, we had the American Studies major. I went off on American Studies, my experiences as an American Studies major. I had a lot of fun; it seemed like you guys enjoyed yourselves. Many people made me laugh by pointing out that I was ragging on American Studies consistently, and yet I’m doing a podcast that effectively serves as a living, evolving audio chronicle of modern American life, and that maybe I should shut my yap and appreciate

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