Bold Takes: Racism Wrong, It’s Probably OK to Punch Nazis

The Cracked Podcast #184 June 12, 2017

Checking the news right now, things are a little, how do you say…fucked. But there is some hope. As one of our guests puts it, “Rome wasn’t burnt down in a day.” Despite your Richard Spencers, your animated frog avatars and the whole extended cast of characters hell-bent on returning America to its pre-civil rights glory (“a hot dog cost a nickel and you could physically assault any person of color you saw! “) there are still people fighting for good in this country.

That’s why this week we’re chatting with comedians/podcasters/activists and all-around cool dudes W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu. Their podcast “Politically Reactive” is the modern guide to surviving in the age of Trump– from how to be an active part of the resistance to just how to stay happy and not let the whole dumpster fire weigh you down on a day-to-day basis. First, Jack O’Brien and Daniel O’Brien chat with W. Kamau Bell about his show “United Shades of America,” what it was like interviewing Richard Spencer and a KKK leader and how he would go about fixing the violence in Chicago. Later, Alex Schmidt and Katie Goldin speak with Hari Kondabolu about #covfefe, how being a touring comedian gives you a different view of America and an absolutely crazy video of Malcom X on a Canadian Game show.

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