April 8, 2019

EP. 158 — Broke In The USA

Living in New Jersey and hating it, the gig economy and trying to get by being broke in the USA are on this caller’s mind.

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 [00:00:00] CHRIS: With the primaries just a short eleven months away, which is terrifying. Isn’t that terrifying to know we’re about to get caught up in this. Guess what? It’s time to know everything. Whatever you can you gotta know. Who’s Pete Buttigieg? Gotta know your Pete Buttigieges from your Amy Klobuchars. Makes now the perfect time to jump into Earwolf’s political comedy podcast Fake the Nation. It’s hosted by Negin Farsad. Features fast paced, funny, smart political discussions about the week’s news. It’s comedy meets politics that helps you stay informed while not taking itself too seriously. Past guests on Fake the Nation have included John Fugelsang, Paul F. Tompkins, John Hodgman, Larry Wilmore, Hayes Davenport Maeve Higgins. Maeve Higgins is lovely and wonderfully hilarious. And I say that even though she’s been consistently mean to me since the very second that we met. Also, I hear some rumors that I’m gonna b

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