February 5, 2018

EP. 98 — Chemo Chameleon

Headed to her first chemotherapy treatment after a recent cancer diagnosis, this young woman is naturally a little stressed and nervous. However, spirits are soon lifted in a call that includes stories of haunted apartments, puns and a doctor’s note to party.

This episode is brought to you by Merge Records (www.mergerecords.com code: BEAUTIFUL), Talkspace (www.talkspace.com/beautiful), Adam and Eve (www.adamandeve.com code: STORIES), and RXBAR (www.RXBAR.com/stories code: STORIES).


[00:00:00] CHRIS: Today’s episode is brought to you by Merge Records, a great label, a label full of bands that I think listeners of this show will enjoy. Over the last 25 years, Merge Records have been home to so many great bands, including the Magnetic Fields. I think a lot of listeners of this show, if you don’t know the magnetic fields, you’re gonna love them. Download their stuff. We’re talking about Spoon. We’re talking about Neutral Milk Hotel. Life-changing album for me, that first Neutral Milk Hotel album and now got a couple new albums coming out in February from OT and from Superchunk. Superchunk. Both of those bands are fantastic. Superchunk, Mac from a from Merge and Superchunk. He actually sent over a preview. I listened to that record. It is so good. You got Titus Andronicus come in March. New Jersey, it’s on! Titus Andronicus. Visit merge records.com to learn about, listen to and shop for music by these artists and many others. Liste

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