June 17, 2019

EP. 168 — Clinical Psychologist

A psychologist talks about the emotional toll of tough conversations, selflessness vs. selfishness & Geth asks: have you ever had to step out mid session because you had to pee or poo?

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[00:00:00] CHRIS: Have you ever had a craft beer while doing yoga in an art museum? That’s the kind of stuff that happens in Milwaukee. No wonder it was named the Midwest’s coolest and most underrated city by Vogue. They even host the biggest music festival in the world called Summer Fest. And people actually surf there. Sometimes random, but always wonderful. Go to visit Milwaukee dot org slash plan to get your trip started. Support for today’s show comes from The Life is Good Ping Podcast. Join co-founders of Life is Good Burt and John Jacobs as they talked to influential musicians, athletes, business leaders and everyday people about the role of optimism in their lives. They’ll also end each episode with a ping-pong charity challenge where the winner gets to donate to their charity of choice. I had a ping-pong table in my basement as a kid and I find the idea of ping pong being a part of a podcast oddly appealing. The Life Is Good Ping podcast kicks off Thurs

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