June 20, 2023

EP. S2E48 — Content Hogs w/ Jon Lovett

Crooked Media’s Jon Lovett is a podcast host, TV writer, former presidential speechwriter… and Survivor superfan?! Who knew! In addition to Survivor, Jon talks with Ashley about the WGA strike, why it’s suddenly so hard to make a TV show about American politics, the insanity that is the show Mrs. Davis, and much more. Plus, Ashley gives Jon a taste of his own medicine and makes him defend some horrible hot takes.


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What We Watched:

Mrs. Davis


The Dropout

You, Me & My Ex


Kid Nation

Ted Lasso

The Other Two



The Other Two

The Bear (Season 2)

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace


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Ashley Ray [00:00:27] Welcome to TV, I Say with Ashley Ray–your go-to podcast for discovering what to watch on TV and getting behind the scenes insight from the people who make the shows you love. Before we dive in, your weekly reminder that the WGA–well, we’re still on strike. So please go to entertainmentcommunity.org and donate to Hollywood crew members in need. Help us get groceries. It’s going to be a long fight, so please help us out. Go donate. Today I am joined by the one and only Jon Lovett. Yes. You know John as a TV writer and host of the Pod Save America Podcast and Lovett or Leave It, which you probably have heard me on a few times. Starting June 22nd, Lovett or Leave It is kicking off a slew of live shows across the country. And $1 of every ticket sold will be donated directly to Vote Save America’s Fund to protect queer and trans youth from discriminatory legislation. So welcome to TV Club.   Jon Lovett [00:01:15] Hi. So good to see you

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