July 13, 2017

EP. 192 — Cracked Movie Club: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Starting today, Cracked is increasing its podcasting output by 50%! In addition to new episodes of The Cracked Podcast every Monday and Kurt Vonneguys every third Tuesday, we’re proud to launch Cracked Movie Club, which can be beamed directly into your earballs every Thursday.

Each month, your hosts Tom Reimann and Abe Epperson are choosing a new director and doing deep-dives into four of their films with some of your favorite comedians, writers and Cracked personalities. First director: Steven Spielberg.

To celebrate the launch, Cracked Movie Club is taking over The Cracked Podcast feed for the day so you can hear the inaugural episode. Tom and Abe are joined by comedian Daniel Van Kirk as they discuss how poisonous snakes, punishing desert sands, an outbreak of what can only be considered a modern plague, and a grown man pooping his pants all came together to create Raiders of the Lost Ark. Along the way, they question whether Jones was ultimately a better name than Smith, the logistics of maintaining a puzzle tomb in the middle of a jungle, and whether a certain Disney prince made a depressing cameo appearance.

And if one episode wasn’t enough for you, chaos theory is working in your favor, because episode two is available right now. Grab some fossilized mosquitos, a tub of ice cream and strap yourself in with the two female ends of a seatbelt, because Tom, Abe and Cracked’s David Christopher Bell dissect Spielberg’s 1993 hit, Jurassic Park.

To hear episode two and get episode three the day it comes out, subscribe by searching for Cracked Movie Club on your podcast app of choice or clicking here to find it on Apple Podcasts: https://goo.gl/fQ2o72

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