June 13, 2017

EP. 65 — Deaf

This week’s caller is a somewhat unconventional podcast fan. He loves Beautiful/Anonymous even though he’s never technically heard an episode. Hmmm. Mysterious. He shares his unique experience with the medium, his outlook on life, and his best party tricks.

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CHRIS GETHARD: Hello to all my translators being held hostage! It’s Beautiful/Anonymous. One hour, one phone call, no names, no holds barred. Hey everybody it’s Chris Gethard here. Another episode of  Beautiful/Anonymous. You can hear it in my voice — a little gravely. Guess what? I’m just coming off the road. I’m back in New York after two weeks of being on the road – meeting all you guys face to face. Starting on Vancouver we made our way all over North America and it’s been so cool to shake your guys hands. Thank for listening, and also — good huggers. That’s one thing I’ve learned about  Beautiful/Anonymous fans out there are people who enjoy a good and at times inappropriately long hug. Thank you for all the hugs. Listen, if you do wanna see us we’re back one night only. This episode’s dropping Tuesday, June 13th. Final show, Asbury Park, New Jersey. There are still tickets left, I need Jersey to step up. I’ve been telling everybody, man.

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