August 22, 2022

EP. 333 — Dodging Bombs & Tornados (Live from Boston)

A gum covered dog, a bomb threatened hospital, and a tornado warning. A woman describes the cartoonish obstacles she had to overcome to visit her ailing father. She opens up to Geth about navigating family drama and the weirdness of getting emails about Father’s Day. Later on, the audience welcomes her to the “dead dad club” with no shortage of dark jokes.


Chris [00:00:04] Hello, Boston. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Hi, everybody. Chris Gethard here. Welcome to Beautiful/ Anonymous. Got to thank everybody who came to our four tapings out in Edinburgh, Scotland. The crowds were small but mighty, and we got some good stuff out of it. And I can’t wait for the listeners to hear it someday. Thanks again for coming, everybody. And remember, if you’re in Edinburgh in August for the Fringe Festival, I’m here all month with my show, A Father and the Sun, at The Gilded Balloon at 6 p.m. every day. This week’s episode. It’s a really tough one. It’s a really tough one. Our caller didn’t just lose her dad. Our caller lost her dad and then suffered through a cartoonish level of calamity. Just thing after thing, bad luck thing after bad luck thing. But I think it’s a call that a lot of people are going to get so much out of because so many of us hav

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