April 9, 2020

EP. 210.5 — Don’t Say The C Word

Geth did something a little different. 75 phones calls, 2.5 hours. No names. No mention of Coronavirus. Chris talks to new dads, a lady with a fish named Slim Shady, someone with extensive knowledge of Harry Truman, a woman with an affinity for abandoned shopping cards, and many more.


[00:00:04] CHRIS: Hello to everybody. Like literally, everybody. It’s Beautiful Anonymous. One hour, although really a lot longer than that. Usually I say one hour, one phone call. This is like a whole bunch of time and like a 100 phone calls, no names, no holds barred.   [00:00:24] THEME MUSIC: I’d rather go one-on-one. I think it’ll be more fun and I’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know me.   [00:00:35] CHRIS: Hi, everybody, it’s Chris Gethard. So I wanted to do something different today that I know I need. It’s a selfish impulse on my end, but I bet there’s other people out there as well who could use this. We’re taking a bunch of calls today. They’re going to be a minute long each. And guess what? Not one of them is going to mention the coronavirus, COVID-19, quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing. We will not hear those words today. One minute of time, I just want to hear about people’s lives, abou

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