May 30, 2022

EP. 321 — Drug Money For Law School

A law student shares how he ended up paying for school selling weed on the dark web. He explains why he thinks college is a scam and how dealing drugs is a study in human behavior. He also confirms Geth’s suspicions that law students like to party with a story about a mimosa brunch gone awry. 


Chris [00:00:05] Hello to everybody out there who’s getting woken up from a sound sleep by getting punched in the back. It’s Beautiful/Anonymous. It’s one hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred.   Theme song [00:00:30] (THEME MUSIC)   Chris [00:00:30] Hello, everybody. My name is Chris Gethard, and I want to welcome you to Beautiful/Anonymous. It is a show where we take phone calls and the phone calls are anonymous and they go on for an hour and they give you a little glimpse of human life. Other people’s life stories. If it’s your first time joining us, we’re very lucky to have you. Thank you so much. Also very lucky that people have been supporting my tour. I’ve been getting out there, getting out there, doing live shows. Thanks to everybody who’s been showing up in all the cities we’ve been in. I wanted to let everybody know that this week I’m doing my New Jersey is the World Live show in Asbury Park on Wednesday

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